Grants are available from both the Federal and State governments as well as UW-Madison for undergraduate students working towards a first bachelor’s degree. General eligibility is based on financial need as determined by submitting the FAFSA unless otherwise noted below. Grants do not need to be repaid.

Federal Pell Grant

Offered to undergraduate students with significant financial need. Eligibility and annual amounts are determined by Congress and can change from year to year.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Offered to undergraduate students with the greatest financial need; helps to supplement the Pell Grant.

Federal TEACH Grant

Offered to teacher education students who are formally admitted to a “high-need” teacher education program and who meet specific academic requirements. This grant requires a separate application and more information can be found on the School of Education’s website.

Through The Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB), Wisconsin residents may also be eligible for:

Wisconsin Grant

Provides assistance to undergraduate, Wisconsin residents enrolled at least half-time at colleges or universities based in Wisconsin. Grant amounts are based on financial need and eligibility cannot exceed ten semesters.. The maximum amount is established annually by HEAB.

Talent Incentive Program (TIP) Grant

Provides grant assistance to the most financially needy and educationally disadvantaged Wisconsin resident students attending colleges and universities in the State of Wisconsin. First-time freshmen students are nominated for the TIP Grant by the school financial aid offices or by counselors of the Wisconsin Educational Opportunity Programs (WEOP). To continue to receive the TIP Grant, you must continue to show financial need. Eligibility cannot exceed ten semesters.

Indian Student Assistance Grant

Provides assistance for students who are at least 25% Native American or who are recognized as a member of a Native American Tribe.  Graduate students and students enrolled less than half-time may also receive the this grant.  You must submit an Indian Student Assistance Grant application from HEAB.

Hearing & Visually Handicapped Student Grant

Provides assistance to students who have a severe or profound hearing or visual impairment.  You must submit a Hearing & Visually Handicapped Student Grant application from HEAB. If you need assistance completing this form or have any additional questions about this grant, please contact our office or the McBurney Disability Resource Center.

Through UW Systems, Wisconsin Residents may also be eligible for:

Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant

Provides financial assistance to statutorily designated minority undergraduate students (African-American, Hispanic, Native American (or American Indian) and Southeast Asian of Vietnamese, Cambodian or Laotian descent who entered the United States after December 31, 1975) to improve their opportunities for retention and graduation and lessen the burden of student debt.

Madison Non-Resident Grant

Offered to non-resident undergraduates with significant financial need and do not receive MN reciprocity, other non-resident fee remissions, or full-tuition scholarships.

UW-Madison, Bucky Badger, Big 10 Media, etc.

Various institutional funds offered to students with high financial need.

School of Business Grant

Funded by the Wisconsin School of Business to offset the tuition differential charged to students enrolled in their respective programs. Eligible students will have high financial need and cannot be receiving a full-tuition scholarship. Because the tuition differential is charged based on enrollment, the amount offered will also adjust based on enrollment.