Transfer students STEP up for Summer Jobs on Campus

Amanda Hamm wanted to work at UW–Madison last summer while going to school. A transfer student from Madison College, she got an email about the Summer Transfer Employment Program (STEP) and took 30 minutes to fill out an application. A week later, she was given a choice of campus jobs.

“It was so easy to apply,” she says. “It’s really nice to have an on-campus job because it’s close to your housing. You don’t have to go anywhere in a car or bus—that was the main reason I wanted to try it.”

The STEP program started in the spring of 2018 to help ease the transition to UW–Madison for transfer students through connecting them with employment opportunities. It offers guaranteed jobs to any qualifying student for Summer Term, with the opportunity to continue working into the next academic year. Of course, there are plenty of campus jobs to go around for all students, whether or not you transfer to UW–Madison.

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