There are many ways to support scholarships!

Each year, thousands of alumni and friends make an impact in the lives of UW students by giving back through financial aid scholarships. These resources are helping promising students from low-income backgrounds enroll and succeed here at the university. Their talent, creativity, and grit motivate us each and every day and we are immensely grateful to those who invest in their bright future.

There are many ways to give back and support students. You could choose to give to our Great People Scholarship that provides tuition assistance to low-income students, to our Emergency Student Support Fund that helps students experiencing financial crisis, or to create or own, named scholarship. No matter where you direct your support, you may want to consider the different vehicles available to make your gift.

Often, we think about making a credit card payment or mailing a check. Indeed, the majority of gifts to the university come via those channels. But it’s important to be aware of other vehicles to make your impact and depending on your situation, may be financially advantages. Take a moment to explore these options and their benefits:

If you have questions about how to make a gift, where to direct your support, or how to create your own scholarship, we invite you to contact Shannon Ghere who is happy to assist you with your questions:

Shannon Ghere
Managing Director, Scholarships and Student Support
UW Foundation

UW’s donor-funded scholarships are changing lives and we are grateful to have you among the group of supporters who open doors for promising Badgers each and every year. We’re happy to be a resource as you explore options and make decisions about how you’d like to make an impact. Thank you!