Thank You for Your Day of the Badger Support!

On April 6-7th, thousands of alumni and friends of UW-Madison came together to support the university and the many departments and initiatives across campus. Those of us in financial aid were blown away by your generosity towards our students in need by contributing to Tuition Assistances (the Great People Scholarship) and Emergency Student Support.

To kick off the effort and encourage support, Will ’00 and Jenny Hsu provided a generous $25,000 matching gift in support of Tuition Assistances at UW-Madison.

“Both Jenny and I received scholarships as undergraduate and graduate students and this is our way of returning the favor and paying it forward so that other students can have access to affordable, quality education” says Will. “The recipients will likely go on to do amazing things as alumni and our hope is that they remember the scholarships they received while students at UW and it will inspire them to give back to UW and their community now and in the future.”

Hsu Family Portrait
                                                          Will and Jenny Hsu with their daughters.

The Great People Scholarship is UW’s general tuition assistances scholarship provided to students with significant financial need who have been admitted to the university, but may not have the resources needed to enroll. It is resources like these that make Bucky’s Tuition Promise and other access initiatives possible. The Emergency Student Support fund provides a critical resource for students facing a financial crisis that could derail their education. Both funds play an important role in supporting UW’s promising students from low income backgrounds.

“UW-Madison is our state university and has always been known for offering a high quality education that is affordable relative to its public university peer set and even many private schools and colleges. All admitted Wisconsin students are deserving of the opportunity and access to this education, regardless of their financial wealth or need.”

In total, UW Financial Aid raised $70,197 (includes matching funds) for Tuition Assistance and $27,730 (includes matching funds) for Emergency Students Support. Over 600 supporters cumulatively made this possible.

“We are proud to be associated with fellow Day of the Badger contributors who continue to share their philanthropic gifts and passion to inspire the next generation of Badgers. On Wisconsin!”

Thank you for your support!