Thank You for Your Day of the Badger Support! 

Alumni and friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison came together to support the university and many of its initiatives last month for Day of the Badger. UW Financial Aid is humbled by the generosity shown towards students in need via Tuition Assistance (the Great People Scholarship) and Emergency Student Support, including its two matching donors! 

UW-Madison alumni Hugh and Marie Jones inspired others to give to the Emergency Student Support Fund with their generous $30,000 matching gift.  

The Emergency Student Support Fund supports students during moments of financial crises that could force them to pause their education. This fund is designed to quickly help alleviate food insecurity, issues with housing and unanticipated bills, and expenses for unanticipated travel home. The Emergency Student Support Fund helps financially vulnerable students navigate these challenging situations. In total, more than $49,000 was raised to support students in crises (including the matching gift). 

Similarly, alumni and friends demonstrated an outpouring of support to the Great People Scholarship Fund. Thanks to an anonymous matching gift, over $90,000 was raised (including the matching gift) to support students that are admitted to UW-Madison, but do not have sufficient resources to enroll and attend. This scholarship provides critical funds to students on campus who need it most, and makes initiatives such as Bucky’s Tuition Promise, possible.  

Aneta Gbur Headshot

Recent freshman, Aneta Gbur, shares her gratitude for these resources that make her education at UW-Madison a reality. “I would like to thank you for providing this generous scholarship to students who desire a future full of exploration and opportunities at the UW. Growing up I always knew that UW-Madison was the university that I wanted to attend. Scholarships are the reason I’m able to fulfill my childhood dream and work for my future goals in life. I could never express enough gratitude for your selflessness.” Every contribution to UW Financial Aid funds has an impact.  

In total, supporters from around the world gave $140,085 to UW Financial Aid. Over 500 alumni and friends of the university made this possible.  

Thank you for your support!