Vera Abing

Position title: Sr Federal Awards Coordinator


Phone: 608.262.4987

Vera Abing's Headshot

Vera Abing began as a work-study student in the financial aid office while attending UW-Madison and currently serves as the Loan Manager at Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). She leads a great team who strive to improve application processing, personalized communications and student outreach.   

Vera’s own role includes working with the Department of Education, banks, and several loan servicers to improve access to aid for students who need help paying for school. Vera is passionate about simplifying the world of student loan information so parents and students can better understand their loan options, and finding the ways to make borrowing and repayment decisions easier. “Applying for student loans can be an intimidating and confusing process for families. There are so many steps in the process from applying, to receiving and repaying loan funds. It’s important to distill the information down to clear, manageable pieces to reduce the stress on borrowers.” For Vera, this includes helping students directly with choosing the best loan, loan repayment, consolidation, loan forgiveness and default management. In addition to her work in the office Vera enjoys working on art projects of all kinds, cooking and spending time with her family.