In its fourth year, Bucky’s Tuition Promise continues to draw top state students to UW–Madison

Samantha Bullard grew up thinking UW–Madison was beyond her reach. Money was tight in her family; she’d need to pay for college herself.

After high school, she stayed in her hometown of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, enrolling at Nicolet Area Technical College.

It was a wonderful experience — “They really whipped me into shape academically,” she says. She completed a two-year associates degree, then applied to UW–Madison. After being accepted, she learned her tuition would be fully covered by Bucky’s Tuition Promise.

“There were tears in my eyes,” says Bullard, a first-generation college student who often worked 35 hours a week while carrying a full course load at Nicolet. “Everything with college I’ve done by myself, which I’m proud of, but it’s been difficult.”

Bullard is one of 961 UW­­–­Madison students new to campus this fall benefiting from Bucky’s Tuition Promise, now in its fourth year.

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