Key Points to Note!

Report Non UW Scholarships

In your MyUW Student Center,

For MOBILE access – click on the Financial Aid tile and look for Private Aid. Then click the green ‘Report Private Aid’ button, which will open a new window to report the details and click Submit.

For DESKTOP access – click on the Financial Aid tile. Under Awards, look for Private Aid. Then click the green ‘Report Private Aid’ button, which will open a new window to report the details and click Submit.

Newly reported financial aid will most likely reduce your Federal work-study and we will send you an email when your financial aid has been updated.

Visit your MyUW Student Center

Once Per Semester

Tuition, fees, and on-campus housing & dining are billed once each semester and financial aid disburses to you once each semester.

Even if you expect your bill to be paid in full through the financial aid you’re receiving, you will still get a bill with both the charges and anticipated financial aid for you to review.

Billing & Account Information

Your Tuition/On-Campus Housing Bill Gets Paid

Your grants and scholarships for the term will apply directly to your account charges about a week before classes begin each semester. These charges will including tuition and fees and if you’re living in UW Housing, charges for your room and dining plan. But, also keep a close eye on any other charges like eBooks or other course supplies.

If your total amount of grants and scholarships exceeds these charges, you’ll be sent a refund. If you’re left with a balance, it must be paid by the tuition deadline.

Receiving Aid

Enroll in eRefund

After your tuition, fees, and on-campus housing charges are paid in full, any remaining financial aid will be refunded to you for use on other expenses, like off-campus housing or books. Enrolling in eRefund will allow this money to be directly deposited into your bank account.

How to Enroll in eRefund

Books & More!

The money you have left after tuition and housing have been paid can be used for required course materials and supplies, and other expenses.

Textbook information can be found in Course Search & Enroll and the Courses widget in your MyUW portal as soon as professors/instructors provide it. Some professors/instructors, however, may instead email you the syllabus or other class materials.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Textbooks

  • Look for used copies. Check local bookstores or online vendors that buy back and sell used textbooks.
  • Campus libraries have copies of many course texts available for short-term loan (including high-cost textbooks funded with support from the UW Foundation Parent Fund). Visit the UW Library website for details.
  • Rent the books you need instead of buying them through a local bookstore or online textbook rental website.
  • Find deals by comparing prices of books that you find in a local bookstore to what you might find online.
  • Use online textbooks or eBooks. If you own a tablet device, oftentimes textbooks may be purchased and/or rented at a lower price than printed copies.

**Independent websites and/or stores for purchasing and/or renting textbooks are private companies and are not affiliated with or endorsed by UW-Madison.**


A student job is a great way to build connections and make some money – available positions are updated regularly online!

Federal Work-Study

Student Jobs


Be sure to create a budget that’s unique to YOU. Smart spending and saving can keep you out of crisis and help lessen the financial burden if you decide to study abroad, etc.

GradReady Financial Wellness Tool

Meet with Us!

In person or virtually – current UW Madison students may schedule appointments using the Starfish tool in their MyUW portal. Prospective students and all others will need to call our office to schedule (608.262.3060).

How to Use/Access Starfish