What is FoodShare

FoodShare is a government program that gives cash benefits on a card that can be used for groceries.  In other states, the program may be called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or food stamps.  In addition to buying groceries at approved locations, foodshare benefits can be used at many farmers markets to access fresh fruits and vegetables.  Check out more information on the Department of Health Services Website. 

You can apply for Foodshare on the ACCESS Wisconsin website.

To learn more about the step by step process to apply; check out a helpful step-by-step guide here.  If you have a federal work study (FWS) award you may be asked for a letter verifying your FWS award and your current employment.  Below are additional steps to accessing this information to verify this eligibility requirement.

If you have questions with this process, please reach out to basic.needs@finaid.wisc.edu.

You may need to access and share a recent earning statement or paystub.  Below are steps to finding this information your MyUW Student Center.

  1. Log into MyUW
  2. Find or search for “Payroll Information”
  3. Click on “Earning Statements”
  4. View and save previous earning statements

Screenshot of Payroll Information

You may be requested to demonstrate your accepted federal work study award for the academic term.  Here are steps to follow to access this information:

  • Log into MyUW
  • Find or search for “Student Center”
  • Open the “Financial Aid” tile
  • Open the current aid year (2022-2023)
  • The “Award Summary” will show the accepted federal work study award to screenshot and save.

Screen Shot of Award Summary in Student Center

You may be asked to verify you currently employment status and this information should come directly from your employer.  Reach out to your direct supervisor or full-time staff member and request they write a letter (on letterhead) stating you are currently employed and earning your Federal Work Study award.  Your employer may ask you to provide a screenshot of your financial aid award to verify your federal work study award (please see step above).  Below is an example of the letter they could write on your behalf.  

Contact the Basic Needs Team (basic.needs@finaid.wisc.edu) if you need any support in this process.

Remember: All On-Campus student hourly positions are work study eligible and you will automatically earn this award as long as you have accepted your federal work study award.


Template Letter: Download Example or copy text below

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that STUDENT NAME is a Work Study student at PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT as a/an JOB TITLE and is eligible to earn $WORK-STUDY AMOUNT* under the Federal Work-Study Program during the period from August 27, 2023 through May 18, 2024. STUDENT NAME works NUMBER hours per week and is paid $WAGE per hour. It is assumed that the student will be enrolled at least half-time during this period.

Employer Signature